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已经在AJE润色了3篇文章,其中前两篇已经成功发表,第三篇刚刚润色完,准备投稿中。最初接触AJE也是师兄推荐的,据说服务效率高且修改的特别认真,经过几次润色后,果然十分可靠,特别推荐高级润色(premium editing)这个项目,真的能实现无限次润色,直到你的文章发表,并且连你反馈给专家的修改意见都会进行润色处理。最令我感动的是,我的第二篇文章,在经过润色后,审稿人对语言问题仍提了一个小小的建议,AJE公司非常重视并进行了再次修改,还因此表示歉意反馈给我40美元的代金券,足以显示出AJE公司的态度。

强. 刘 · China


书. 刘 · China


L. Yang · China

I am a loyal user of AJE and has been using it since 2008. I have witnessed the development of AJE. Without a doubt, AJE is the only proofreading company I trusted much enough that I found myself hard to try the others. Indeed, I tried related services from other companies several years ago. However, none of them, frankly speaking, competes for AJE, in terms of editing services as well as customer services. I won't say that any paper that was edited by AJE can be accepted because language is not the only element for a paper to be accepted by a journal. However, I would say that AJE's editing service helps you clearly explain your research questions and contributions to the readers such as the journal editors and reviewers. I hence recommend AJE to anyone who wishes to improve the readability of the manuscript in a significant way. I myself will keep trusting AJE's service for my future research.

I. Chen · Taiwan


h. sun · China