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Thanks for review my manuscripts and resolve grammar language mistakes. The service supplied by AJE was very important and fundamental before to send my articles.

A. Pozos · Mexico

AJE work is great! With their help.I published my first SCI article two years ago.So i choose again.

b. xinling · China

All my AJE edited manuscript were accepted by scientific journals.

M. MELHEM · Brazil

Submeti um artigo para tradução no AJE e sem dúvida nenhuma ele ficou com as características específicas do inglês utilizado para artigos. Tentei outros métodos antes e nunca consegui um resultado tão bom !
Parabéns a equipe !

F. Souza · Brazil

Before I meet AJE, I tried another similar services but I was not happy with the results. Since 2008 I´ve become a client of this site and now it is clear to me how this service are contributing to my sucess. Congratulations on the quality and competence of the service.

F. Faria Lobato · Brazil