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My article entitled “ Bidirectional associations of power and size in a priming task” has been successfully published in Journal of Cognitive Psycholog edited with the help of American Journal Experts. Due to some reasons, i did not feel satistied with the service of the editors at first. However, AJE contacted with me initiatively, and changed one editor to revise my manuscript again for free. I will continue to use AJE. Thank AJE so much.

H. Xiaoling · China

My article entitled “Microbial Control of the Invasive Spiralling Whitefly on Cassava with Entomopathogenic Fungi” has successfully edited with the help of American Journal Experts. This is the first time I use American Journal Experts to edit my manuscript. This manuscript has successfully published in Brazilian Journal of Microbiology. I will continue to use AJE and I will also recommend my colleagues to use it.

Dr. T. Boopathi, Ph.D.
Scientist (Agricultural Entomology)
ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region,
Mizoram Centre, Kolasib-796081, Mizoram, India

B. Thangavel · India

Nosso artigo “MATERNAL AGE AND ADVERSE PERINATAL OUTCOMES IN A BIRTH COHORT (BRISA) FROM A NORTHEASTERN BRAZILIAN CITY” foi aceito rapidamente e publicado na edição de dezembro de 2014 da Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia. O artigo foi traduzido para o inglês pela equipe do AJE. Nós temos certeza que a correção feita pelo AJE foi importante para a rápida aceitação do artigo. Definitivamente, AJE é a melhor opção para esse trabalho.

E. Figuerêdo · Brazil

With the help of American Journal Experts, my article has successfully published inRSC advances. This is the second time I use AJE to edit the manuscript. I am very satisfied. Finally, thanks again for the help of AJE and I will continue to use AJE.I'll also recommend colleagues to use it.

TITLE:Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX) sludge immobilized by waterborne polyurethane and its nitrogen removal performance-a lab scale
RSC advances 2015. 5.25372

光. 陈 · China

Very good job: accurate, efficient and quick. Our study is now published. I recommend AJE for editing manuscripts before submission.

j. perrin · France