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Dear AJE, Thanks for such a great job! I was not convinced that it is worthy to do an additional editing after some corrections done here by my colleagues. But now I see that our English is far from the basic level!!!! Thanks, Barbara Nawrot

B. Nawrot · Poland

American Journal Experts was very very helpful for editing figures and correcting and editing my article. It was my first use of AJE and I'm totally satisfied. I will choose your group for my other papers in the future I recommend AJE!Thank you very much!

T. Gao · China


W. Wang · China

Excellent editing and kind attitudes toward customers. I am recommending AJE to my colleagues!My article was accepted in the first chosen review without any comments on english style and writing .
TITLE: [Effects of exogenous NO on the growth, mineral nutrient content, antioxidant system, and ATPase activities of Trifolium repens L. plants under cadmium stress]
Acta Physiol Plant (2015) 37:1721
DOI 10.1007/s11738-014-1721-7

S. Liu · China

Dear AJE team,

I am pleased to confirm that my first paper edited by AJE had been accepted for publication in Gene.

Because the article is very beautiful in syntax, which almost had not been done much to modify. This is my most easily experience on an English articles contribute .

Your team is available so that it is very helpful! I managed to published manuscripts thanks to your help. The AJE has done an excellent job in correcting and editing our papers. The suggestions of the editors help our article on improving quality. I will choose your group for my other papers in the future I recommend AJE!

Thank you very much!

Y. Hu

Y. Hu · China